December 8, 2023
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Pizza Review: Good Pie

Good Pie is a Brooklyn-style pizza joint in Downtown Las Vegas that was founded by world-renowned pizzaiolo Vincent Rotolo. Good Pie specializes in grandma pizza, but that’s not all it serves. At Good Pie, hungry customers can also find NY-style pizza and Detroit-style pizza.

1212 S Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 844-2700


Rotolo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He’s spent a ton of time in the hospitality industry and was a part of food and beverage management at  Bellagio Las Vegas. He helped open 800 Degrees Pizza at Monte Carlo (now Park), transitioned over to Flour and Barley at The Linq, and was the Director of Operations at Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria. Rotolo eventually started his own joint, and Good Pie was born on National Pizza Day, February 9, 2018.

It’s simple. Rotolo knows pizza and Good Pie is a damn good pizza place.

Damn Good Pizza

Good Pie is damn good pizza. In a city that’s pizza scene continues to grow, Good Pie is right up there at the top. Here at Top Vegas Pizza, we’re big fans of Good Pie.

Back when we went to the first-ever Las Vegas Pizza Festival towards the end of 2019, we had our first taste of Good Pie. There we got to try out some of Good Pie’s Detroit-style pizza and its famous grandma pizza, “The Good Good.” The pizza was so good that we might even suggest a name change to “The Damn Good” or “The Great Great.”

Good Pie’s menu is pretty simple. If you’re looking for pizza, and we know you are, then you’ll have to decide between grandma pizza, NY-style (Brooklyn-style) round pies, and Detroit-style square pies. They do have Sicilian pizza on the menu, but every time we seem to check the menu online to order, it’s sold out. Grandma pizza is what Good Pie is known for and it’s pretty tasty.

Grandma pizza is cooked in a pan, often a sheet pan that is rectangular or square, so that the crust turns out to be a little thicker than a typical New York slice, but not too thick at all. We love this style of pizza, though. It brings us back to our younger years at home making pizza with the family.

Good Pie’s grandma pizza is light, has excellent undercarriage and crust, and the right amount of crispiness. It just may be the most perfect pizza to come out of Las Vegas.

We prefer the grandma cheese, but they’re all very good, to be honest. The grandma white pie is really delicious, too. If you’re in the mood to mix things up a bit, try the upside down grandma pizza from Good Pie. It’s got double cheese and triple sauce.

Good Pie gets a lot of love for its Brooklyn-style round pies. We don’t disagree that they’re very good. They are very good, but we’d actually rate Good Pie’s Detroit-style pizza a notch about the Brooklyn-style pies. We love the airy crunch that the Detroit-style pizza delivers. Good Pie makes a really good Detroit-style pizza. For as thick as it is, it’s not nearly as filling as you might expect, because the dough comes out so airy. Good Pie also has a gluten-free version of the Detroit-style cheese pizza.

The Brooklyn-style pies are just that, they’re Brooklyn. Rotolo really brings people back East with him through his vision and through the pizza that Good Pie puts out. If you’re looking for a traditional round pie, you can’t go wrong going with Good Pie’s Brooklyn-style round pies. They’re full of robust flavors, supported by a solid undercarriage, and great-tasting dough.

Located on Main Street in Downtown Las Vegas, Good Pie is in the middle of a really cool, vibrant scene. Whether you live in Las Vegas or you’re just here visiting, put Good Pie at the top of your list to order the next time you grab pizza. You won’t be disappointed. The name is Good Pie, but it’s just great pizza.

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